Medical Insurance for Schengen Visa

Details of the Health Insurance Covering Emergency Care and Essential Treatment

The health insurance for foreigners covering emergency care and essential treatment is designed for the persons who are not citizens of EU  countries, planning to stay in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland for no longer than 90 days and applying for a short-term visa, or for a long-term visa or residence for stays longer than 90 days. The insurance is applicable if the visa has been arranged in advance in the destination country’s embassy.

The insurance also applies to possible trips from the target destination to other Schengen Area countries.

The Insurance Coverage:

  • Emergency and essential examination required to determine a diagnosis and a therapeutic procedure
  • Hospitalisation
  • Medications prescribed on an outpatient basis
  • Treatment by a dentist in the event of acute toothache
  • Transport to a healthcare facility
  • Repatriation of the insured, including the transport of the deceased, to the home country of the insured
  • The insurance covers treatment costs of up to EUR 60,000.
  • The insurance is valid throughout all Schengen Area countries
The insurance naturally includes a quality assistance service operating around the clock (24/7) in various languages, including English and Russian.


The insurance covers Tourist, Study as well as Work stays.

For a more detailed description of the assistance services, including insurance benefit limits, see the Insurance Terms and Conditions.

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