Stories of clients AXA ASSISTANCE

 Yelena from Russia

Yelena came to the Czech Republic for studies. Before arriving to Schengen Zone she did medical insurance with AXA Assistance. One morning she accidently fell, hurt her spine and cervical vertebrae. Her boyfriend had called an ambulance, she was taken to the hospital and underwent the surgery and was hospitalised for several days. Her boyfriend had contacted AXA Assistance, the assistance service ensured the appropriate communication with the hospital and settled settled all expenditures for the hospitalisation.
» The insurance covered all costs which exceeded EUR 1,600.


 Dennis from Nigeria

Dennis from Nigeria travelled to Poland both to visit his friends, and get acquainted with the local job opportunities. While preparing documents for Schengen visa, he arranged the medical insurance with AXA Assistance online. Shortly after his arrival he started to feel severe and intense headaches, combined with chest pain and respiratory difficulties. As the time went on the problems started worsening and the additional symptoms such as high fever occurred. One day Dennis had suddenly collapsed and had to be transported to the hospital. His girlfriend contacted AXA Assistance, and the assistance service ensured smooth communication with the healthcare facility and covered the occurred medical costs.
» The total costs exceeded EUR 400 and were covered by the insurance.


 Dihn from Vietnam

Dihn came to Slovakia to study international relations. The nature of his studies implied frequent trips to the neighbouring countries. During one of such trips to Austria he had accidentally fallen and broke his leg. He had been transported to a healthcare facility and underwent the necessary treatments within the scope of the acute care. Fortunately, before arriving to Slovakia, Dinh has arranged the AXA Assistance health insurance, applicable also in the Schengen Area, i.e. in Austria. After having been transported to the hospital, Dihn contacted AXA Assistance, and the around-the-clock assistance line ensured the appropriate communication with the healthcare specialists and handled the necessary administration steps.
»  AXA Assistance paid more than EUR 900 for the performed treatment, the hospitalisation and the subsequent transport back to Slovakia.


 Fahad from Kuwait

Fahad is a very active traveller and during his trips he also stopped for two months in the Czech Republic. Prior to his journey he took out the AXA  Assistance health insurance as he wanted to be sure that in case of health problems he would be provided with the sufficient healthcare services. Fahad had to use the insurance three weeks after his arrival due to extensive and unremitting conjunctivitis. An examination determined the necessity of surgery with the subsequent hospitalisation. After having contacted AXA Assistance the appropriate communication with the healthcare facility and the disbursement process has been carried out in due and proper manner.
» The whole process went smoothly and the including coverage of EUR 700 was ensured. 




 Navruza from Tajikistan

This year I had trip to Europe, especially to Prague, Czech Republic. Medical insurance is one of the required documents for arranging Schengen visa and I was looking for a company. The information was useful and clear in the web page of AXA Assistance so I did medical insurance. During the weekends I organized a trip to other European countries. Unfortunately, during one of them, I sprained foot and was in need of medical help. I am lucky with the insurance who covers all costs.
» The Insurance Company covers all medical costs.

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